In our new digital campaign for 3 you can share your memories connected to music in a nostalgic way.

We all have those special songs that has accompanied the great memories in life.

Graduation, that first big love, losing your virginity or roadtrips with friends.

They follow us through life. When we hear a song that we find familiar we can often connect it to a certain memory. Some songs we’ve chosen ourselves and some other are special because grandma had a certain music taste or similar. Regardless, they’ve played a part in your life.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to show your friends and family both who you are – but also who you were.

We also collaborated with famous YouTube-stars Annica Englund and Sabina Decirée and other celebrities that have made their personal music albums.

On you can put together your soundtrack of life and share with the ones you love, in your social channels.