Creatives with magical writing skills, we want you!

November 12th, 2015, Jobs, Perfect Fools

Perfect Fools are growing and looking for one more team member at the Stockholm office. We need you who can create magic with words. Many of our clients are international so your English copy skills need to be flawless. If you also master the Swedish language, that’s an added bonus.

Being a creative at Perfect Fools is not like at your average agency, here you will not only team up with other creatives, but also strategists and technologists. The answer to the brief might be a solution not yet invented…

From our Stockholm and Amsterdam offices, we work with a range of interesting national and international clients such as Adidas, Peak Performance, Fazer, Netflix and Pernod Ricard to create world class campaigns and business solutions.

Inbox Creative Director

Freelance designer

September 6th, 2015, Jobs, Perfect Fools

We’re looking for freelance designers to work with us on project basis. If you’re interested get in touch with us on

Digital Producer Internship

April 23rd, 2014, Jobs, Perfect Fools

Digital Producer Internship opportunity in Stockholm.

We’re looking for a candidate who has experience of taking digital projects from planning and all the way through delivery, for a 6 month period as a Digital Producer in our Stockholm Office.

The successful applicant:
– has recently graduated from a digital/advertising related course (e.g. Hyper, Berghs, etc)
– has experience at an agency, brand or a digital business
– has some experience with using project management tools, structuring a budget and leading a team of brilliant designers and developers.
– has a passion for great brands
– has top notch karaoke skills
– knowledge of basic web development and design tools is a plus

The position is modestly paid (it’s an internship), full-time, requires fluent English, a valid EU passport/visa and may involve some travel.

Interested? Email your CV and portfolio to, or

hasan & partners founder and CEO electrocuted in live radio broadcast

March 31st, 2014, Events, Latest work, Perfect Fools

New use for Raspberry Pi as instrument of torture

Finnish radio station Radio Helsinki and creative digital agency Perfect Fools have come up with a shocking campaign to stop founder of hasan & partners and his CEO bullsh***ing in a series of radio interviews.

Founder Mr Ami Hasan and CEO Mr Eka Ruola are booked to talk on Radio Helsinki following the agency’s acquisition of Perfect Fools.

Viewers and listeners can send electric shocks to both men if they talk crap during their interview live on air at 6pm on Monday 31 March (Helsinki is +2 GMT).

The shocks are delivered by anyone clicking on either Ami or Eka’s face, which feature in an interactive web banner advertising the interview.

Banners appear on websites including and, the Finish business magazine.

Tony Högqvist, creative partner at Perfect Fools, says: “Ami and Eka will wear electrodes connected to their upper bodies that are controlled by online advertising banners. Anyone online can push one of the ad’s buttons and zap either person. It’s going to be quite a shocking experience I’m sure.”

Ami and Eka’s electrodes are connected to a Raspberry Pi and Pi Face with two relays to control the electricity. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet via a Nodejs server that the banner is also connected to. When a user clicks either face a command is sent to the Raspberry Pi to open the relay and shock the bullshitter.

All connected banner adverts receive a message when an individual is shocked, so the button is deactivated momentarily to allow for a recharge.

Viewers and listeners are invited to submit questions via

New Stockholm office

February 7th, 2013, Perfect Fools


We are happy to announce that this week we’re getting settled into a brand new office, located in the very heart of Stockholm. Where do you go next after three years in a grand old cinema? Well, to an former church parish’s office of course :)

The new address is Brunkebergsgatan 10, hope to see you here sometime soon!

And the music goes on!

December 19th, 2012, Perfect Fools

2012 has been a very exciting year and we at Perfect Fools would like to thank you all – our clients, vendors and friends – and wish you all the best for the holiday season!

To round up the year we have some great news from the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands. As you might remember if you’ve been following this page, the Dutch government had decided to cut their fundings, which would have been a deathblow for the struggling orchestra. So the orchestra decided to reach out through social media, and invited Twitter users around the world to compose a day-long live-streamed concert performance using tweets, together with Havas Worldwide Amsterdam and Perfect Fools. (You can read more about it here.)

And it worked! The Tweetphony campaign made the national news, stirred debate, highlighted the issue and made a difference. The government has now done a U-turn and will fund the Metropole Orchestra through 2017. Now that’s the power of music and social media combined! :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Told You So! A Christmas gift from The Fools

December 23rd, 2011, Perfect Fools

The holidays are a lovely time of peace and joy. But let’s face it: by bringing extended families into close proximity for longer periods they can also lead to the occasional… erhmm… difference of opinion.

This Christmas, instead of just sending a simple card or other thank you to those we hold dear, we at Perfect Fools wanted to give a gift with lasting human value. We thought: what better than something to promote global harmony for decades to come?

So, we give you the very first beta release of is a world peace initiative of Perfect Fools. By establishing an independent, unbiased and incorruptible repository that records exactly who told what to whom, we think we may just have solved one of the most nagging, age-old problems of human existence.

If nothing else, hopefully it might someday help you to win an additional argument or two!

Now here’s to a VERY harmonious holiday for you and your loved ones, and a terrific 2012, from Perfect Fools!

All the best,
The Fools

Meet the Fools

December 1st, 2011, Perfect Fools

Meet the Fools

As a creative studio we Perfect Fools are passionate about our work. So much so that we usually want it to do the talking for us – which means you often don’t get to see the Fools themselves! 

We thought it was time to do something about that so for fun we’ve put together a new album called Meet the Fools, covering the whole crew. We could try to describe these pictures – but, hey, we’ll just let you have a look and see what you think for yourself. Check them out on Facebook, and if you want to please let us know which are your favorites.

Gardner joins SoDA board

June 16th, 2011, People, Perfect Fools

PF CEO Patrick Gardner has joined the Society of Digital Agencies’ (SoDA) board of directors as representative for Europe. SoDA serves as a voice for digital marketing professionals worldwide with a mission to advance the industry through best practices, education, and advocacy. More about SoDA here.

Heghammar to lead Berghs advertising program

May 26th, 2011, Perfect Fools

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 17.19.53

Stockholm-based Berghs School of Communication, named “World’s Best School” by Cannes Lions for the last two years running, recently appointed Perfect Fools’ Head of Production Fredrik Heghammar as their Program Director for Advertising. Fredrik will be responsible for leading course directors, curriculum planning and student coaching one day per week, beside his regular duties at PF. Prior to this Fredrik served as a Berghs course director for several years. More about his new role here.