The Metropole Orchestra: Tweetphony

October 24th, 2012, Latest work

This week Twitter is going musical, with ‘Tweetphony’ created by Havas Worldwide Amsterdam and Perfect Fools for The Metropole Orchestra. The orchestra’s subsidy and existence is currently under threat, and to raise awareness and save itself, the orchestra is trying a whole new approach. Tweetphony is a symphony crafted entirely by tweets based on letters associated with music notes, and will be compiled from the best and most interesting tweets submitted via the campaign site, which features a digital piano interface. The orchestra will play the selected tweets at the ‘Tweetphony,’ which will be held at the MCO in Hilversum on October 26th and streamed live on the site.

Make your own tweet on the site, and tune in on Friday the 26th to enjoy the symphony in full. Find it all on Tweetphony.

Swarovski: Kingdom of Jewels

August 31st, 2012, Latest work

This September Swarovski will bring ‘Kingdom of Jewels‘ to women around the world, with an integrated global campaign that celebrates the brand’s new Fall/Winter collection, and incorporates brand strategy, social media and international activation. Swarovski worked with Perfect Fools on the initiative.

The campaign is focusing on 15 cities, from São Paulo to Shanghai, and also includes a global contest. To reflect the eclectic, baroque nature of the new collection, consumers are invited to enjoy being treated like ‘Royalty for a Month’ via a range of real-world and digital experiences in relevant areas: fashion, culture, music and nightlife. Additionally, in each of Paris, Hong Kong and New York the first 100 to visit selected Swarovski stores on September 1 will receive a special ‘Jewel’, which unlocks a range of VIP experiences in their cities throughout the month.

The hub of the experience is, also available through the SWAROVSKI Facebook page and in a mobile version.

LG Electronics 3D Studio

August 1st, 2012, Latest work

LG recently asked Perfect Fools to create a fresh and innovative new way of reinforcing the notion that the best things in life are even better in 3D. The result is ‘LG 3D Studio,’ an experimental platform set up to explore new possibilities of 3D experience. While ‘3D Newsfeed’ is the first in a series of LG 3D Studio creations, the brand is actively encouraging feedback and ideas for future experiments via the app and their Facebook page.

The first project ‘3D Newsfeed’ is an app that enables viewers to see their Facebook newsfeed in 3D. The application can be viewed via a 2D screen, but is best experienced on a LG Cinema 3D TV. PF experimented with every element of Facebook’s regular newsfeed: how posts are displayed, navigation, depth, movement, colours, liking and representing content on screen. Check it out here.

Swarovski: Sparkling Mother’s Day

April 26th, 2012, Latest work

To celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere, Perfect Fools has created the ‘Sparkling Mother’s Day‘ Facebook app for Swarovski. The app turns your treasured memories into a sparkling statement of style. Upload a photo or choose one from your Facebook gallery and see it transformed into a unique bracelet, which you can then compile and purchase in a Swarovski store or e-store.

Create your own bracelet here

Bahco Mechanics: Magnus Strömhäll portrait

April 12th, 2012, Latest work

Perfect Fools together with Mulu film and photographer Ulf Brantås are happy to present the third video in a series of portraits where professional tool maker Bahco is capturing extraordinary mechanics around the globe. The piece features Magnus Strömhäll, a dedicated climber both on and off duty, and a living example of a passion turned into a profession.

See the first Bahco film here, and read more about Bahco World here.

Nokia 180 Freeze Snowboarding

March 27th, 2012, Latest work

During Burton Snowboard’s European Open event in Laax, Switzerland, Nokia invited professional snowboarders and attendees to showcase their snowboard tricks on a trampoline, and then presented them with their own 180° bullet time videos. The Nokia tent hosted the trampoline, which was surrounded by eighteen Nokia Lumia 800s snapping shots from 180° as the tricks were performed.

Hypernaked together with Perfect Fools created the set-up. Check out a film from the event above, and a gallery here.

Swarovski: Sparkling Personals

February 2nd, 2012, Latest work

More love from Perfect Fools! Do you want to go on a date on Valentine’s Day, but haven’t found that special someone yet? Enter Swarovski, here to help you find your perfect valentine.

With the Facebook application Sparkling Personals you can show your most sparkling self and share on your profile. One click is all it takes, and the app will generate a selection of three enticing personals, custom-made for you with text and photos showing you in your best light.

Create your own Sparkling Personal here.

Heineken: The Serenade

February 2nd, 2012, Latest work

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you don’t have a date lined up fret not – this year Heineken is coming to the rescue!

Building on the ‘Open Your World’ campaign of last year, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam extends the party introduced in the spots “The Entrance” and “The Date” into social media, with The Serenade Facebook app made by Perfect Fools.

The Serenade app lets you ask a Facebook friend out on a date via a personalized serenade performed by Bollywood-style crooner Paul “Kiss” Kissaun, who you might remember from “The Date”. You answer a few questions about why you want to go on a date, what you will do etc., and your answers form the lyrics of your serenade (a total of 640 combinations are possible). You post the serenade on your desired date’s wall, who can choose to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with a short Asian-flavoured film clip.

World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki: Kauko installation

January 11th, 2012, Latest work

Helsinki has been elected ‘World Design Capital‘ of 2012 and invited Hasan & Partners and Perfect Fools to help spread the word and raise awareness around the importance of design. Design is all around us; the chair you sit on, the lighting in your room and the height of your screen relative to your eyes. To enable the public to explore the relationship between good and bad design, how about letting them control these design aspects, to find out work works and what doesn’t?

This idea came to life – literally – with the interactive popup café Kauko, built by GP UdstillningsDesign. A seemingly normal café serving normal coffee, but with an important twist – its furniture, service and atmosphere can be remotely controlled via a website in real time. (Kauko is Finnish for “remote control”.)

For the coming weeks Kauko will be located in Helsinki’s biggest mall Forum, before moving on to the next location. If you’re around, make sure to stop by for a cup of coffee (and don’t be surprised if you like Alice suddenly find the table far down below you!)

Would you rather control the café yourself? Head to and create some good or bad design for the visitors – your pick!

Scotch & Soda: ‘Thanks, we like you too’ installation

December 16th, 2011, Latest work

Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda is going against the tide of companies chasing Facebook ‘Likes’ – instead, they thank their loyal fans through “liking” them back.

In the campaign by Perfect Fools, Scotch & Soda Facebook fans are celebrated in a digital installation in their flagship Amsterdam store. On a digital window display, fans names animate in a handwritten style across iconic black and white Scotch & Soda images selected from the current season’s collections.

The installation was unveiled on Tuesday 13 December at Scotch & Soda’s Heiligeweg store and will run through the peak Christmas period until January 2.