hasan & partners founder and CEO electrocuted in live radio broadcast

March 31st, 2014, Events, Latest work, Perfect Fools

New use for Raspberry Pi as instrument of torture

Finnish radio station Radio Helsinki and creative digital agency Perfect Fools have come up with a shocking campaign to stop founder of hasan & partners and his CEO bullsh***ing in a series of radio interviews.

Founder Mr Ami Hasan and CEO Mr Eka Ruola are booked to talk on Radio Helsinki following the agency’s acquisition of Perfect Fools.

Viewers and listeners can send electric shocks to both men if they talk crap during their interview live on air at 6pm on Monday 31 March (Helsinki is +2 GMT).

The shocks are delivered by anyone clicking on either Ami or Eka’s face, which feature in an interactive web banner advertising the interview.

Banners appear on websites including www.radiohelsinki.fi and www.marmai.fi, the Finish business magazine.

Tony Högqvist, creative partner at Perfect Fools, says: “Ami and Eka will wear electrodes connected to their upper bodies that are controlled by online advertising banners. Anyone online can push one of the ad’s buttons and zap either person. It’s going to be quite a shocking experience I’m sure.”

Ami and Eka’s electrodes are connected to a Raspberry Pi and Pi Face with two relays to control the electricity. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet via a Nodejs server that the banner is also connected to. When a user clicks either face a command is sent to the Raspberry Pi to open the relay and shock the bullshitter.

All connected banner adverts receive a message when an individual is shocked, so the button is deactivated momentarily to allow for a recharge.

Viewers and listeners are invited to submit questions via info@perfectfools.com.

MovieMatic transforms KFC Russia restaurants into film studios

January 31st, 2014, Latest work


KFC is the first brand in Russia to invite customers to star in a TVC, thanks to a movie-inspired experiential campaign by Perfect Fools, the international creative studio.

For the launch of its new Bacon iTwister, KFC restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg will be transformed into film studios with the installation of a fully-automated, instant movie-making machine called the “MovieMatic”.

The MovieMatic is programmed to light, direct, shoot, edit and post process a 45-second mini-feature that is pushed to YouTube.

After the “Action” button is hit a classic movie countdown launches a teaser of how the customer could “Be a Star”. The pressure is on for the actor to deliver four scenes in quick succession, prompted prior to each take by the virtual director’s instructions.

The script calls for customer’s to get inspired and turn their restaurant into a discotheque. Scene one invites the would-be star to take an Oscar-winning bite on an iTwister. Scene two delivers a Eureka moment where the protagonist is hit by an idea for scene three’s disco setting. The finale is a crescendo of crazy dancing followed by the end credits.

Once uploaded to YouTube a receipt is printed with the URL and a reminder to watch their creation, share and invite friends to vote. An iframe website embedded in KFC’s YouTube page curates the videos into those with most votes, most popular and recently added.

A panel of judges will select the best video to star in a TVC to that will promote the Bacon iTwister on Russian TV.

Inspired by classic cine cameras and original Sony Walkmans, the retro feel MovieMatic is built by Perfect Fools. The machine is packed with technology including: professional photography lights, two Canon 5D Mark III cameras, computers with bespoke software, storage drives, wifi router and phidgets for the control buttons, plus smaller light emitting gadgets and microphones.

Tony Högqvist, creative partner at Perfect Fools, said: “KFC is giving customers the tools and inspiration to be one click away from TV stardom in Russia. The challenge of who to cast to appear on TV in the Bacon iTwister commercial is solved by the MovieMatic machine. Using our instant movie-making system every customer can share their natural quirkiness and be an iTwister hero.”

Piotr Rozanski, Marketing Director YUM! Brands Russia (KFC, Pizza Hut), said: “KFC is the first brand in Russia to star a customer in a TV campaign. The aim is to captivate and inspire customers to generate lots of brilliant videos showing-off their acting and dancing skills, then get them involved in a popularity contest to make them a hero across Russia.”

The MovieMatic will sit for two weeks in Moscow from 29 January and two weeks in St Petersburg from 19 February. Customers get five days after their commercial is published to generate as many votes as possible. The TVC starring the winning video will be broadcast in Russia from 31 March.

Global campaign helps girls in crisis, one word at a time

October 11th, 2013, Latest work

Printer installation and social activity marks United Nation’s “International Day of the Girl Child” on 11 October, at www.koskaolentytto.fi.
The plight of 65 million girls worldwide who are fighting for an education is the subject of a digital campaign and installation created by hasan & partners.

The work highlights a Girls in Crisis report entitled: “In Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters” published today for “International Day of the Girl Child”, an initiative backed by the United Nations. 
Visitors to the website www.koskaolentytto.fi can watch streaming video of the “Plan Printer” producing the report one word at a time.
The twist is that each of the report’s 74,180 words are only printed when someone donates online, or the video footage is shared via Facebook, Twitter, or text.  The money raised will be used to improve girls’ rights and education.
The printer is based in a public area within Sanomatalo, a retail and office building in the center of Helsinki, Finland. The website is available in Finnish and English.
The influential report is compiled by charity Plan International, the global children’s development organisation that promotes child rights and lifts millions of children out of poverty.  The report highlights the double discrimination – gender and age – girls across the world encounter in terms of education. 
Tobias Wacker, creative director at hasan & partners, says: “Girls are the most marginalised and discriminated group across the globe. We devised a locally-based campaign with a global reach.  The words in the report matter to the future of girls worldwide, the Plan Printer reinforces that fact and will ensure more people read it.”
Kirsi Mettälä, Plan Finland, says: “Every year we publish an extensive report on the discrimination girls face.  However, it has often gone unnoticed so this year we are asking members of the public to give girls a voice by paying for it to be printed one word at a time.”
Bjorn Kummeneje, executive technical director at Perfect Fools, which produced the printer integration technology, says: “With Plan Printer we are bridging the digital and physical divide, using social technology to help people connect with the report and give girls a voice, one word at a time.”
Girls in Crisis is part of a wider charitable campaign supported by hasan & partners through Plan International calledBecause I am a Girl, which aims to help girls get the education and support they need to transform their lives and the world around them.
Thousands of girls lobbied the UN with the support of Plan International, the Canadian Government and all UN member states, to put more emphasis on the challenges millions of girls the world over face.

Roaming Twitter pigeons showcase Fogg’s borderless
SIM card technology

June 12th, 2013, Latest work


Trackable pigeons carrying special SIM card backpacks will ’Tweet’ the public’s messages across European borders.

Researchers are enabling birds to ’Tweet’ electronically as they fly across European  borders to demonstrate an evolution in data roaming technology by internet access solutions provider Fogg.

On 18 June four racing pigeons will start transmitting Twitter messages via a specially-created backpack as they cross the skylines of Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

The researchers’ partner, international creative agency Perfect Fools, was comissioned by Fogg to highlight how travellers can now use popular tablet and mobile applications such as Twitter in different European countries at a flat rate, without incurring expensive data roaming costs.

To underline how Fogg’s technology flies in the face of national borders, the agency is encouraging Twitter account holders to submit Tweets, choose which bird will carry it, and in which country to release it. Once the bird has reached the appointed destination, both Tweet and nation the bird is in will appear on their Twitter page. Suggested Tweets can be submitted via foggmobile.com/tweet from 13th June.

Each of the birds: Hans, Wilma, Jean Claude, and Engeli also have their own Twitter account, providing  a  ’Tweet stream’ that documents their training and experiences mid air.

John Harmander from Fogg, says: ”The homing pigeon’s disregard for national boundaries and track record carrying important information makes them the perfect choice for this exciting experiment. Fogg’s boundary-free technology is enabling Twitter beyond borders – participants can become involved in the experiment and see their Tweet released when their chosen carrier reaches a specified country, without leaving their couch. ”

He adds:” There was also a part of us that simply wanted to see if it was possible to ’put pigeons online’ across Europe.  Perfect Fools  have  immersed themselves  in this world for many weeks to deliver this project for Fogg.”

The specially-designed 28 gramme backpack will carry a Fogg SIM card connected to a GSM (Global Systems Mobile) database which will activate the Tweets. It will also hold a GPS tracking device to release location data en route.

A dedicated University pigeon research unit in Münich worked with Perfect Fools to ensure the birds can carry the technology safely when they are released en mass from Malmö, Sweden.

Data from the flights will be donated to the unit, along with the technology created. The four chosen pigeons were selected from a group of 20 identified for their ability to fly over water and their excellent sense of direction.

Patrick Garder, CEO of Perfect Fools says: “Marrying 19th and 21st century message delivery systems was technically challenging, but we all agreed from the start it was necessary for authenticity; we really wanted to make sure the pigeons were able to ’Tweet’ as far as it was possible.”

A limited number of free Fogg SIM cards are available to coincide with the launch, as well as an online video of the birds’ preparations, which is being promoted via YouTube and Twitter.

Advertising that people wait in line to see

May 30th, 2013, Events, Latest work

A few years back we wrote an article for Creativity Online titled “Just Imagine if Advertising Were Likeable“, in which we envisioned a not-too-distant future where irrelevant and interruptive brand messages were replaced by relevant and attractive advertising. In that kind of world people would not only willingly accept branded experiences, they would actively seek them out.

Today, more and more brands and marketers are getting the real value of this approach, and are working hard to capture their audience’s imaginations rather than just their eyeballs.

Our new creation for Swisscom and Heimat Berlin, All Eyes on S4, is the latest example. When is the last time you remember seeing a line this long waiting to look at a normal outdoor billboard (below)? But this is the scene in Lausanne today, with a sizeable crowd waiting for hours to try their hand (or eyes) at the Swisscom challenge. A film of the experience, released on YouTube less than a week ago, has already earned more than 2.3 million views.

Make it interesting, and people will respond!


20130530_132854 (1)

Swarovski: Tropical Paradise

February 8th, 2013, Latest work


Swarovski has unveiled the first installment of the ‘Tropical Paradise’ campaign, which celebrates the launch of the spring/summer jewelry collection. This spring, Swarovski is linking their in-store, digital and mobile properties, with a new iPhoneand Android app, ‘Swarovski Mobile’; in-store touch-points that activates otherwise hidden app content using AR; a microsite; and a global and location-based contests.

Read more in this article by Luxury Daily, and find the Tropical Paradise campaign site here.


Helsingin Sanomat: Emotion Cube

January 11th, 2013, Latest work

People react to news, and what’s good news to one person, might be upsetting the next. On Kamppi Square, Helsinki, journalism is turning into art with an interactive experience – the ‘Emotion Cube’ – that reflects these feelings with pulsating, colored light. Created by hasan & partners and produced by Perfect Fools for Scandinavia’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, the Cube is part of a campaign designed to remind readers about the power of journalism to generate an emotional response.

By sharing their feelings via web or mobile, the combined mood of readers will be translated into one of eight emotions, each of which makes the Cube pulsate in a specific color, while the emotion’s written word is glowing from within the Cube. The 4 meter high Cube is constructed from milky plexiglass, and powered by 200,000 lumens worth of light – well enough to lighten up the feelings of passers-by in the dark Scandinavian winter.

See a live stream on the campaign site (in Finnish. Click the top button to get to the stream.)



Swarovski: Hello Kitty Rocks!

November 20th, 2012, Latest work

Swarovski recently released a rock-flavored new jewelry collection. Hello Kitty Rocks! is the second collection to be made in partnership with Sanrio and features their iconic Hello Kitty. To promote the launch, Perfect Fools created a web and mobile site that takes your photo and turns you into a sparkling rockstar, through placing you in iconic rockstar scenarios inspired by the new collection.

Check it out at Hello Kitty Rocks!

Converse: Pro Streets

November 16th, 2012, Latest work

This past summer Perfect Fools had the pleasure of working on Pro Streets for Converse. Pro Streets was a Europe-wide game that let participants celebrate their local areas by showing off their best moves. These could be anything – dance, skate flips, MC battles – anything that’s an expression of who you are. The moves were captured by special cameras and uploaded as short videos onto the Pro Streets site, where others could support their favorites and check out interesting spots laid out on a map of each city. At the end of the game Converse celebrated the areas with the most incredible talent. 

Perfect Fools worked with Anomaly and This Memento on the project, with Perfect Fools being responsible for delivering the technology enabling the experience. This included a unique system of cameras that were activated by the public using text messages, installed in major cities from Naples to Berlin. 

During the fall Europe’s youth took to the streets to perform on the Star Chevron logo. Find some of the gems that were uncovered here.

Unibet: Be The Pro

October 30th, 2012, Latest work

Gaming company Unibet has launched Be The Pro, a free-play Facebook game for the Swedish market. The game could be described as role-playing meets sports betting, where Unibet invites you to create your own character and collect experience points by participating in real leagues. You can also set up your own leagues and compete against your Facebook friends. Perfect Fools designed and developed the game experience.

Try it out here (in Swedish).