Take Me I’m Yours

October 20th, 2011, FoolPowered, Latest work

For all the love hungry people out there, Perfect Fools is happy to present Take Me I’m Yours – the Facebook app that says what you REALLY mean.

Interested in more than just plain old friendship, but don’t dare to take the next step? Just TM a friend and as soon as (but not until) they TM you back, you’ll both find out. It’s easy and completely free.

Try TMIY here.

(Big thanks to Hyper Island Manchester for the lovely TMIY film, and Daniele Fiandaca and Creative Social Labs for the original concept!)

Play and share your playlists on Traxxter!

February 1st, 2010, FoolPowered


FoolPowered is our house label for products and services created by us for us. Traxxter is a fun little playlist service that we have made because we love music as much as we love technology. On Traxxter you can share and play your iTunes and Spotify playlists, export your iTunes playlists into Spotify and of course browse the library for new music.

Traxxter has now reached public beta. Try it out here.

The Fools wish you a Merry Christmas!

December 18th, 2009, FoolPowered

Grid On/Grid Off

An early Christmas gift from the FoolPowered lab to all our co-Photoshop-geeks:
Grid On/Grid Off.

Download and double-click the file to install it into Photoshop, then make your grid and put it in a layer group named “Grid”. Now you can flick it on and off by holding cmd+f1 and cmd+f2 respectively (ctrl for Windows).

Merry Christmas!

Perfect Fools gets FoolPowered

December 7th, 2009, FoolPowered


Today PF announced the launch of our new house label for products and services created by us for us. FoolPowered puts existing Perfect Fools capabilities to work to explore promising new ideas as well as productify current Fools technologies.

A range of FoolPowered initiatives are now set to launch over the coming months starting with the online music playlist service Traxxter.com, which enters public beta in December 2009. Further FoolPowered efforts will range from mobile applications to games, physical products and more.

FoolPowered is the perfect complement to Perfect Fools’ existing client services, allowing us to gather valuable insights and inspiration and grow our skills in ways which will further enrich our client offerings.