A moo-moo here and a moo-moo there!

February 12th, 2010, Behind the scenes

Cristoffer Övergaard milking the cow

It seems there was a pent up urge among the public to learn old-style cow milking, albeit digitally. Since the launch of Milk the E-cow last week the Swedish cow has seen visitors from the whole world and its “highly disturbing” qualities have been a hot topic on Twitter.

Says Sara-Lee Rost, producer of cow-milking simulators and other things at Perfect Fools:
— Milk the E-cow is a campaign for ecological Keso, a cottage cheese from Arla. Ecological cottage cheese is of course closer to nature than your average cottage cheese, so we wondered ‘just how close to nature can we go on a website?’ The answer was: really, really close!

Were you ever afraid the cow would be difficult to work with?
—Not initially, but when we got to the farm it turned out the cow wasn’t really a team player. Things were a bit rough at first, but as soon as we got to know each other better we all got along just great!

Designer Alexander Radsby was responsible for making the cow look her very best in the campaign.
—Some retouches were made to the udder to make it appear smooth and touchable while still maintaining that natural look. I think the cow would be happy with the end result.

Many comments have been made about the realism of the E-cow but most people don’t have the first-hand experience of Cristoffer Övergaard, programmer and first cow milker at Perfect Fools. So what does it really feel like?
—Well, do I really have to explain that feeling? :)

Thank you!

Milk the E-cow here.

Behind the scenes: The PUMA Index

September 28th, 2009, Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: The PUMA Index

Behind the scenes on the shoot for The PUMA Index with Droga 5.
Pre-production included setting all states of undress for the models and carefully plan the one-day shooting schedule to maximize time.

Behind the scenes: The PUMA Index

The team revising the schedule and discussing details on set.

Behind the scenes: The PUMA Index

Miguel cleaning his red Ducati.

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See the campaign here

32,000 frames of regret.

June 25th, 2009, Behind the scenes

Things you need for a shot like this.

1 x Johan Törnström.
1 x Vinh Kha.
1 x Crew and actors on lunch break.
1 x Phantom camera.
2 x Running shoes.

Look at the movie here or click on the photo above.