The Metropole Orchestra: Tweetphony

October 24th, 2012, Latest work

This week Twitter is going musical, with ‘Tweetphony’ created by Havas Worldwide Amsterdam and Perfect Fools for The Metropole Orchestra. The orchestra’s subsidy and existence is currently under threat, and to raise awareness and save itself, the orchestra is trying a whole new approach. Tweetphony is a symphony crafted entirely by tweets based on letters associated with music notes, and will be compiled from the best and most interesting tweets submitted via the campaign site, which features a digital piano interface. The orchestra will play the selected tweets at the ‘Tweetphony,’ which will be held at the MCO in Hilversum on October 26th and streamed live on the site.

Make your own tweet on the site, and tune in on Friday the 26th to enjoy the symphony in full. Find it all on Tweetphony.