Converse: The Canvas Experiment

April 29th, 2011, Latest work

It’s red, white and blue, weighs 400 kg, is 5.5 m wide x 3.6 m high, comprises 20 modules and contains 480 motors.

It’s not Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding dress. It’s The  Canvas Experiment – a groundbreaking hybrid of digital technology, retail installation and artistic expression developed by Perfect Fools for Converse.

Converse create a world of engaging brand experiences with music, art and events. But what if instead of building stories around shoes we could make the shoes themselves the experience?

By combining the latest in physical computing, some heavy engineering, custom-made content and good old analog music, we did just that.

The Canvas is a fully-functional digital screen made of pure canvas Chucks. 480 All Stars, each connected to an individual servomotor enabling 180° rotation, controlled by three synchronized servers. The Chucks act as pixels, displaying images, videos, games, whatever – just like any other screen.

Check out the video above for a flavor of what’s to come.