Converse ‘Canvas’ one of Creativity’s Best of 2011

December 27th, 2011, Awards

Interactive installation The Canvas Experiment by Perfect Fools for Converse has made yet another end-of-year top list, this time being featured on Creativity’s ‘Best of 2011′ list.

You find the full list here, and the feature about The Canvas Experience here.

Told You So! A Christmas gift from The Fools

December 23rd, 2011, Perfect Fools

The holidays are a lovely time of peace and joy. But let’s face it: by bringing extended families into close proximity for longer periods they can also lead to the occasional… erhmm… difference of opinion.

This Christmas, instead of just sending a simple card or other thank you to those we hold dear, we at Perfect Fools wanted to give a gift with lasting human value. We thought: what better than something to promote global harmony for decades to come?

So, we give you the very first beta release of is a world peace initiative of Perfect Fools. By establishing an independent, unbiased and incorruptible repository that records exactly who told what to whom, we think we may just have solved one of the most nagging, age-old problems of human existence.

If nothing else, hopefully it might someday help you to win an additional argument or two!

Now here’s to a VERY harmonious holiday for you and your loved ones, and a terrific 2012, from Perfect Fools!

All the best,
The Fools

Converse ‘Canvas’ one of CR’s 10 Advertising Picks of the Year

December 19th, 2011, Awards

Interactive installation The Canvas Experiment – the digital screen made by Perfect Fools out of 480 Converse All-Stars – made it onto Creative Review’s top 10 list of Advertising Picks of the Year. See the full list here.

Scotch & Soda: ‘Thanks, we like you too’ installation

December 16th, 2011, Latest work

Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda is going against the tide of companies chasing Facebook ‘Likes’ – instead, they thank their loyal fans through “liking” them back.

In the campaign by Perfect Fools, Scotch & Soda Facebook fans are celebrated in a digital installation in their flagship Amsterdam store. On a digital window display, fans names animate in a handwritten style across iconic black and white Scotch & Soda images selected from the current season’s collections.

The installation was unveiled on Tuesday 13 December at Scotch & Soda’s Heiligeweg store and will run through the peak Christmas period until January 2.

Citroën ‘Twitter Race’ one of 10 best social media campaigns

December 12th, 2011, Awards

Today Ad Age presented their list of the 10 Best Social-Media Campaigns of the Year, which included the ‘Twitter Race’ for Citroën made by Euro RSCG Amsterdam and Perfect Fools.

On the 17th of November Twitter users had the chance to win a new Citroën by tweeting the driver into where to go next in and around Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and then being the first one to re-tweet once the journey was up. The tool aggregated real-time tweets tagged with #ds5race, while a live videostream from inside the car was broadcast on the Citroën NL Facebook page.

View the full list here of campaigns here

Converse Canvas scores three Silvers at Eurobest

December 2nd, 2011, Awards


Converse Canvas – the fully-functional digital screen made up of 480 Chuck Taylors – just won three Silvers at the Eurobest Awards, in Promo & Activation, Interactive and Design. Check out a film about the project here.

Meet the Fools

December 1st, 2011, Perfect Fools

Meet the Fools

As a creative studio we Perfect Fools are passionate about our work. So much so that we usually want it to do the talking for us – which means you often don’t get to see the Fools themselves! 

We thought it was time to do something about that so for fun we’ve put together a new album called Meet the Fools, covering the whole crew. We could try to describe these pictures – but, hey, we’ll just let you have a look and see what you think for yourself. Check them out on Facebook, and if you want to please let us know which are your favorites.

Converse: Wall to Wall

November 23rd, 2011, Latest work

For Wall to Wall Converse paired top street artists with walls in some of Europe’s most culturally vibrant cities, all in the name of bringing art to the streets.

The project has rolled through Naples, Gent, Lyon, Barcelona and Manchester – where a dockland building, gallery front, nightclub façade and and two massive city murals played canvas to our artists and their creative expression. Check out Jango Jim, Steven Burke, Otone, Hitnes and Faunagraphic performing their amazing wall transformations here:

Gent – Jango Jim
Lyon – Steven Burke
Barcelona – Otone
Naples – Hitnes
Manchester – Faunagraphic

The project was made by Perfect Fools in partnership with Charly Inc.

Citroën: Twitter Race

November 16th, 2011, Latest work

Euro RSCG Amsterdam and Perfect Fools have created the world’s first Twitter Race. On November 17 Twitters users have the chance to win a new Citroën by tweeting the driver into where to go next, and then being the first one to re-tweet once the journey is up. The tool aggregates real-time tweets tagged with #ds5race, while a live videostream from inside the car will broadcast on the Citroën NL Facebook page. The event takes place in Amersfoort, Netherlands, and is part of the launch marketing activities for the new Citroën DS5.

Nikon: Camo Bear film

November 2nd, 2011, Latest work

Nikon recently released COOLPIX AW100 – a shock, water and freeze proof consumer camera. As part of the online campaign Perfect Fools created the ‘Camo Bear’ film, a 90-second short designed to demonstrate how hardwearing the camera is. The hero of the film is Camo Bear, a camouflage-coloured, extreme sports enthusiast who lives life to the max.

In the film, we see the bear doing tricks on the ski slopes, on BMX and while surfing. However, those wearing the Camo Bear suit are in fact top extreme sportsmen: French freestyle skier Julien Lange, champion Portuguese BMXer Daniel Americo, and Lisbon-based surfer Miguel Fortes.

See the film embedded above or on Nikon’s YouTube channel. A ‘Behind the Scenes’ film you find here. Film production by mind’s eye.